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Reminder: Alumni Day 2018

Happy Easter! We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend with their friends & family! With just a month to go we are getting very excited for the Alumniday and hope […]

Invitation Alumni Day 2018

Dear Alumni and (former) Explore Lab tutors, We would like to officially invite you to Alumni Day 2018! In order to organise the alumniday, a contribution of €12,50 from each […]

Announcement: Alumni day 2018

This year is a very special year for ExploreLab as we are celebrating our 25th group of explorers. This shouldn’t go by unnoticed! We would like to invite you to […]

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Becoming inhabitants: construction as performative practice

Becoming inhabitants: construction as performative practice

Catherine Koekoek

Instead of using architecture to represent certain political values, like transparency or inclusiveness, I am interested in how the process of making architecture together can give people more agency over their lives and surroundings. Through constructing buildings together, we become inhabitants of the spaces in which we live. I’m focused not on what architecture is, but what it does. I analyse how existing architectural processes can inform theories about participative democracy and vice versa, connecting my backgrounds in architecture and political philosophy. I hope to participate in a participative community project to show how this could work in theory and practice.

Architecture as Frozen Music

Architecture as Frozen Music

Ivan TAM

As human beings, we are always questioning and exploring our relationships with the world, no matter it is our mother nature or our civilized society. I personally take the perspective that music is a mystical language, a compositional structure through which we experience the forces from the nature and our potentials being awaken. Echoing with the quote “I called architecture frozen music” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, my fascination explores on possibilities that our experience from music can be reconstructed through architectural means and eventually a new architectural type “frozen music” can be created.

Growing Architecture

Bob Hendrikx

The biggest force on earth is nature. She has been creating circular architecture for centuries, yet we can’t overcome our linear process that involves waste and non-renewable resources. Let’s change that. My project is a research towards biobased architecture. Imagine a building that is self adaptable, healing and growing. In my research I will answer the question: Which natural processes can create architecture?

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