I’m working for Housing Association Ymere in Amsterdam. As a district supervisor for Osdorp I’m working on increased livability in an urban renewal area. I haven’t been aware, but actually […]

Explore lab reunion

How do you experience your environment as you get older? This is the question where my two fascinations meet each other: architecture and elderly people. In my graduation project I […]

The peripheral hub

The growing city is slowly transformed into a vast urban conglomeration, its limits defined only by whatever its network of infrastructure can support. This design project addresses this condition. It […]

The development of a retirement community

Enjoyable living @ Pagediepdal is a research into the implementation of an active retirement community in the Netherlands. Similar developments can be found around the world. To implement such a […]

The benign of the city

The metamorphosis of the coolsingel; or the benign of the city Architecture has the habit of arriving too late and staying far too long. This final-year project steps off from […]

The backstage of Buenos Aires

The objective of this project is to revitalize the urban area along the Riachuelo River in Buenos Aires with a small-scale architectural intervention by triggering a positive chain reaction. To […]

Sustainable housing in Cambodia

Cambodia 25% of Phnom Penh’s population lives on an average family income of $1 per day. The city lacks any kind of affordable housing, pushing the population into informal housing. […]