Frozen Music Form

A metaphysical approach looking into the quote “I call architecture frozen music” by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.

Growing Architecture

The biggest force on earth is nature. She has been creating circular architecture for centuries, yet we can’t overcome our linear process that involves waste and non-renewable resources. Let’s change […]


Gesamtkunstwerk: the synthesis of art, design and architecture, has always triggered my attention. These kind of artworks (or buildings) are like tiny universes where everything fits together on every scale […]

Architecture and death

I distinguish three main components that define the role of death in our society. On the smallest scale there are the rituals. These are all the habits surrounding death, for […]

Norms and Bodies: Exploring the Architectural Body

Bodies and their surroundings are continuously changing and inseparably intertwined, making it impossible to explore the two independently. This means that our bodies do not simply end at our skin, […]

Stage Conflict

Stage Conflict aims to explore architecture related to multi-focal conflict between the individual and the collective. Instead of avoiding conflict, this thesis acknowledge its inevitable existence and seeks an architecture […]