The impact of 3D printing on architecture

Changes are taking place globally and locally; the critical situation of global economics and the increased fragility of society have shifted focus towards more concrete and problematic issues of today. […]

‘Terminal Architecture’

My fascination lays in the social and emotional functioning of our surroundings. The ‘favourite place’ is central in this fascination; in a world becoming more homogeneous everyday, distinction from one place […]

Poetics in the ordinary

“A building should be a shell around the life to be lived within it, a shell that will satisfy material as well as intellectual demands. The architect creates not life, […]

(re-)considering the Bank of England

For my graduation in explore lab, I want to combine two fascinations of mine, the one very old and the other fairly recent: classicism and capitalism. Therefor, my project concerns […]

A social incubator

I am fascinated by the potential of architecture to (re)connect people. How to create an inviting place for exchange of experience, knowledge, matter and space that could be beneficial for […]

Castle of Good Hope

In 2009 I visited the “Castle of Good Hope”, a Dutch fortress in Capetown’s city centre, built around 1670. The coming year I want to research what value South Africa […]