From World Expo to Expo World

Although World Expo’s appearance changed drastically over the past 150 years, the colonial power structure on which it is based is still visible today. At the Expo nations represent themselves by the […]

Architecture Graphic Graphic Architecture

If it is the shift from the construction site to the designer’s studio which sets building apart from architecture, then an investigation of the architect’s studio is imperative. Here, the […]


(METRO) POLIS refers to the reciprocal relation between the urban environment and the metro system in Tokyo, Japan. In November 2016, its largest fish market relocates, leaving behind a vast territory […]

Temporary Architect

In the Netherlands (and all over Europe) we all have seen the signs on empty office buildings that tell us that it is for sale or for rent. At this moment […]

The Art of Ageing

Decay and decline are always happening and we as humans normally trying to increase that. I think we try to hard which result in unnatural outcomes. For example the whole […]

Real-time City

Today’s cities and buildings are planned inefficiently. When people go to work or school, most homes remain empty during the day. And during the night, most offices, schools, gyms etc […]

Circulaire economie voor architecten

Circulaire economie is een nieuwe ‘duurzaamheidsbeweging’. Veel partijen zien de voordelen er van in. Het grootste voordeel, ten opzichte van andere duurzaamheidsinitiatieven, is dat het een economie betreft: een totaalplaatje. Daar […]

Analytical Threshold

With current technological developments an architect has never been in a better position to pursue better building performance by simulation. Vast amounts of data is accessible about the design and […]