Spectacle in the Hinterlands

London is well-known for its “iconic” buildings, however it is common that little attention is given to the places hidden in the shadows of these icons. Further out from the centre, […]

Architecture beyond human narcissism

What can or should architecture offer in a ‘world’ beyond human solipsism? -Dealing with Anthropocentric crises in the framework of Hannah Arendt- “The world is that what we, as human […]

Our Mutual Home

This project aims to study the specific formal and spatial language of successful collaborative housing with particular emphasis on dense urban typologies in Stockholm, London, Zurich and Antwerp. Despite the […]

AZC 2.0: a new Dutch asylum centre

Currently there are estimated to be around 65 million displaced people in the world. Economic or political turmoil, climate change and war have forced millions to leave their homes and […]