Demystifying Abstraction

Abstraction plays a central role, as both a language and an essential tool for design.Serving as a way of extracting information, architects often rely on abstraction to define and solve […]

The ice rink of the future

Due to climate change, the ice skating sport is forced to be practiced indoors. These buildings, called ice rinks, have an image of great energy consumption and waste. By building […]

The Illusion of Inclusion

The architecture of psychiatric care has always been influenced by the conceptions of man and society. The Dutch health care system is currently undergoing some mayor changes. Vulnerable people with […]

The Architecture of Death

Death plays a fundamental part in our life. The sadness and despair that accompanies it, have also the power to make us deeply think about the essence of our existence […]

Architecture Graphic Graphic Architecture

If it is the shift from the construction site to the designer’s studio which sets building apart from architecture, then an investigation of the architect’s studio is imperative. Here, the […]

I Am My Home

Designing homes with meanings: Construction of a tool based on human values Houses were among the first structures that were built, and remain the most common type of building today. […]

Temporary Architect

In the Netherlands (and all over Europe) we all have seen the signs on empty office buildings that tell us that it is for sale or for rent. At this moment […]

The Art of Ageing

Decay and decline are always happening and we as humans normally trying to increase that. I think we try to hard which result in unnatural outcomes. For example the whole […]