Architecture and death

I distinguish three main components that define the role of death in our society. On the smallest scale there are the rituals. These are all the habits surrounding death, for […]

Subversion of Expectation

My fascination stems from the feeling that we live in a society where everything is rushed. And that we, in this constant rush, forget to stand still of a moment […]

Architecture and Oil

For every four barrels we use, we only discover one (Rob Hopkins, 2009). Oil becomes more scarce, but architecture and oil are still connected in many ways. From transport to […]

Ephemerality Architecture

In our fast developing modern society I, as an architecture student, experience an increasing human resistance against the inevitable processes of change, imperfection, impermanence, incompleteness and transience. It is difficult […]

Waiting: Rhythmic Bodies and Spaces

We strive now more than ever for a life of productivity in defined events and spaces, on the other side of which waiting is implicated as a waste, something to […]

Post-Labour Architecture

Living in an ever accelerating world, my fascination is how technology will impact our lives in more and more ways in the future. We are on the cusp of a […]

Architecture beyond human narcissism

What can or should architecture offer in a ‘world’ beyond human solipsism? -Dealing with Anthropocentric crises in the framework of Hannah Arendt- “The world is that what we, as human […]