Redeveloping agricultural heritage in central Italy

Central Italy is famous for its iconic hillside agricultural landscape. This view of hills with scattered farmhouses is unfortunately in trouble. Since the latest agricultural tradition of the ‘mezzadria’ was […]

Projective Realms . Mess is More !

The architectural discipline  has always maintained a safe distance from the ‘informal’ settlements by positioning itself as objective outsiders. However, in the case of India’s capital city of Delhi with […]

Design of integration

The Netherlands, like most Western European countries, has dealt with over 94.000 refugee asylum applications since 2014 (CBS, 2017). This large number has demanded a quick reaction for emergency shelter. […]

Città Fabbrica

The monastic life can be used as a metaphor to explain the control exerted by the industrial system on the nowadays society. The aim of both is to establish a […]

How do fashion designers design?

A research on the design process in fashion, reflected on architecture. Architectural theory has illuminated the inherently connected relationship between fashion and architecture. Both disciplines shelter the body, react to […]

Designing homes for ‘the conscious’

‘’The good intentions and creativity of citizens and their willingness to make a difference is one of the most underutilized resources we have today’’, says Global Ecovillage Network Europe (GEN). Bottom-up initiatives like ecovillages […]

Living apart together

Space in major cities around the world is getting increasingly scarce and therefore expensive. This is especially a problem for people between the ages of 20 to 35. This age […]

From World Expo to Expo World

Although World Expo’s appearance changed drastically over the past 150 years, the colonial power structure on which it is based is still visible today. At the Expo nations represent themselves by the […]