Projective Realms . Mess is More !

The architectural discipline  has always maintained a safe distance from the ‘informal’ settlements by positioning itself as objective outsiders. However, in the case of India’s capital city of Delhi with […]

Design of integration

The Netherlands, like most Western European countries, has dealt with over 94.000 refugee asylum applications since 2014 (CBS, 2017). This large number has demanded a quick reaction for emergency shelter. […]

Città Fabbrica

The monastic life can be used as a metaphor to explain the control exerted by the industrial system on the nowadays society. The aim of both is to establish a […]


(METRO) POLIS refers to the reciprocal relation between the urban environment and the metro system in Tokyo, Japan. In November 2016, its largest fish market relocates, leaving behind a vast territory […]

Real-time City

Today’s cities and buildings are planned inefficiently. When people go to work or school, most homes remain empty during the day. And during the night, most offices, schools, gyms etc […]

‘Terminal Architecture’

My fascination lays in the social and emotional functioning of our surroundings. The ‘favourite place’ is central in this fascination; in a world becoming more homogeneous everyday, distinction from one place […]

Open source urbanism for Amsterdam

Kiyoshi Seikei, world adventurer, uses modern materials such as steel and aluminum to craft Case Study like houses in post-war Japan. Kazuo Shinohara integrates traditional values into abstract concepts in […]

In Favour of Spontaneous Urban Growth

“A regeneration strategy for a sustainable urban transformation in Turin, Italy” In the last decades the global economic restructuring has increased even more the pace of the urbanization and created […]