Architecture & Nature: degrees of order

The basic idea of my research finds its own inspiration in the area where I grew up. The lake of Garda, situated in north of Italy between the Alps and the flat land, is famous and recognized for the beauty of its natural landscape mixed with rural fabrications.The harshness of the territory has been softened thanks to the construction of ground terraces. However, at the same time the natural features and materials provided by the territory, conditioned the development of a particular kind of vernacular and rural fabrications.My fascination takes place in this dualism between architecture and nature. What stands out in the interaction between man made fabrications and landscape is the organization of matter and of natural elements in different degrees of order which represents the transition from artificial to natural, from architecture to nature.

This transition, this range of interaction between the two sides becomes the main theme of the design that places its bases in this gap, working between the physical conditions of the site and their reinterpretation in a personal way.

Starting from the intangible aspect of space, its void, finding the balance with its opposite, matter, and filling it with light. Creating an image where the final result is just the representation of the process itself, where all the elements, such as zenithal light, matter, etc. participate together to create a structure, like in nature with an organism.

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