Building with material shortage in areas with extreme circumstances

The aim of this project was to redesign the three huts on the Sirimontrack. The Sirimontrack is one of the most used routes on Mount Kenya. It leads tourists and porters from Sirimon Gate (close to Nanyuki) to Old Moses Camp (3400m), Liki North (3993m) and Shiptons Camp (4326m) to Point Lenana (4985m). From this point it is possible the climb the top of Mount Kenya, Batian (5199m).

The simple form of the huts with their sharp lines forms a large contrast with the complexity of the landscape. This contrast lets the shape speak out. The used materials dovetail its surroundings, the re-used cedar wood beams become gray under the influence of sun and rain. They form themselves to the landscape. Within the hut you feel the warmth: letting in the sun through the roof window during the day. Holding the warmth in the clay walls, and giving off this heat to the people in the hut during the night. The warmth of the cedar wood that inside does not turn gray contributes to the perception of the comfortable inner climate. A contrast I tried to moderate is the one between the porter and the tourist. By means of equivalence within the hut the porter will work under better circumstances.

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