Co-creation in Housing Design

In the last decades, attention has become increasingly focused on encouraging the involvement of residents in the creation and regeneration processes of neighbourhoods, streets and buildings. In this context, notions of co-creation have been growing.

Key to the co-creative development of housing is that (future) residents become co-creators of their living environment and thereby partners in the design process. This partnership with residents, however, presents a new set of conditions that challenges the architect’s practice. The aim of my graduation project, therefore, is to explore the co-creative design process and the architect’s practice in these processes, both by research and design.

With my research project, I am investigating the concept of co-creation, the co-creative design process and the relationship between architects and residents in these processes. In my design project I am developing a co-housing project in a former school building in the city of Rotterdam, based on co-creative workshops with a group of residents.

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