Dynamic Landscape

Due to climate change a restructuring of the Dutch river landscape is taking place. Dikes will be raised, riverbeds will get broader and water-meadows will be dug out. All this is happening to offer more space to the river.

To make the dikes more accessible for maintenance and raising, dike houses are being demolished. New dwellings in the river area avoid the dike and often loose the relationship with the river. Due to this process a characteristic piece of Dutch culture is threatened to disappear.

One of the problem areas which is being mapped by the Dutch government is the curve of the river Waal in the area of Nijmegen. The slim riverbed causes the river to raise upstream and to flood the banks of Lent and the city of Nijmegen.

The concept of my graduation project is to artificially reconstruct the part of the Bemmelse dike (by a bridge construction) and to offer again a connection between the river landscape and its residents by attaching houses to the new bridge construction which reverts to the typologies of the old dike houses.
The construction of the river bypass will involve the construction of a threshold over which the river water will run once the river reaches a certain water level. The threshold will be designed in such a way that the current water level will become readable making not only the residents but also the people passing by and the recreational people aware of the dynamic river.

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