Education center to increase cohesion

In the slums of Rio de Janeiro almost 20% of the residents gets caught up in the enormous drug scene, ruling the slums of Rio. Educational and recreational programs are required to help residents to process traumas, develop themselves and keep away from the violence. An education center consists of a combination of various functions, with at least one educational activity. Children and adults participate in activities; they develop their skills to increase hope for a better future and start rebuilding their dreams. Education centers also facilitate social interaction which increases cohesion between the residents.In this project a guidebook is developed. This guidebook is useful for residents who plan to build an education center. It guides people through the design process and advices them about the influence of functions like a library, required supporting functions like bathrooms and constructional aspects like natural ventilation. Also a game is developed to teach people in a playful way to deal with a design process. To validate the guidebook and support it with an example one education center is designed.

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