Educational environments for children in Colombia

Due to the many years of internal conflict in Colombia many human rights have been violated. On top of this, there is a large diversity in ethnicities and more importantly inequalities exist between them, particularly towards the indigenous communities and other minorities that are spread throughout the country. Together they result in a lack of citizenship, adding new difficulties for the many displaced people, who mainly fled from the countryside to the cities. My project concentrates itself around the most vulnerable group of this long history of violence: the children, with a focus on the notion of citizenship and the social-spatial qualities that it requires. The project will attempt to become a system -combining living and educational functions- that could function in many different sites while being inspired by the wealth of the Colombian nature, landscapes and local customs. The main concept of the design is to reconstruct families in order to offer a permanent home to the children in vulnerable situations where “the school can be put within the home”, as would have said Maria Montessori.

About Aimee Kouyoumdjian