Helping slum dwellers to get a better life

Many people are living in an urban environment with inadequate access to water, sanitation and other infrastructure. One reason for this is the worldwide urbanization where poor people end up in cities without sufficient good quality living space.This project focuses on gaining an understanding how an architect can help to achieve the best quality of life for all the slum dwellers in one slum within reasonable possibilities and achieving this on the same site. As a location Bangalore in India is chosen. The result is a plan that leads to an improved quality of life for the slum dwellers. Phase one of the plan consists of steps that lead the slum dwellers to some income. This is done by forming a community consisting of the slum dwellers and getting the community to start an enterprise.In phase two the dividend of the enterprise is used to improve parts of the slum. The more money is made, the more investments can be done. Special workshops teach the community how to build these improvements themselves. This approach also guarantees cheap, safe and environmentally friendly building techniques. Improvements could start with a toilet and could end with a four-story building.
Phase three consists of access to infrastructures that will improve the life of the slum dwellers. Examples are access to schools, a recognized building plot or the possibility to vote.

The architect hereby becomes a person for guidance, who helps the slum dwellers in following the plan. And who, in the end, helps the slum dwellers in gaining a higher quality of life.

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