Real-time City

Today’s cities and buildings are planned inefficiently. When people go to work or school, most homes remain empty during the day. And during the night, most offices, schools, gyms etc have been left behind. Can’t we think about a more efficient way of planning? Can’t we imagine a city where spaces just exist for the time they are desired and needed? Currently we are controlling our lives to create minimumwaste, energy, pollution, but what about (unused) space?

Every citizen is constantly busy with different activities during the day: from daily routines such as toothbrushing and going to work to exceptions as having parties or going to the cinema. As we can’t combine these activities all in the same space we need different spaces in order to create various conditions.

The environment as it is right now is not designed to inhabit fast changing and exible needs. The materials that are forming those spaces are just too static and rigid.City planning and architecture can be much more intelligent using real-time data in order to plan a perfect tailor-made city.


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