Spaces of social activism

The analysis of public sphere which is on the edge of being demolished by the interests of investors, and the discovery of international and local initiatives that emerged to preserve the democratic values of public spaces and facilitate them at the same time, generated the fascination to form a public space where individual dreams can be discovered, realized and moulded into collective actions. The program of a Creative Center in Brussels is formed by placing expression, discussions and the creative power of local art, crafts and skills in the central place. This social center is aimed to let individuals discover their capabilities and interests, and at the end progress from the individual to collective.The Creative Center is placed in the western urban context of Brussels which is relatively neglected physically and socially. The project is part of an urban scenario as an intervention in the city, and the experiment field of a light research at the same time. The atelier-dwelling typology of the district is kept as the basis for generating the spaces. Additional functions are inserted in the typology just like squatting the voids of the typology. Architectural research of this fascination focuses on the spaces of self-discovery, encounter and expression. Light has been one of the most important considerations to form the space within this dense typology to allow users focus on their self-learning, materials and the products. Repetitive units are considered as rough bulks carved out with the consideration of use and light.

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