Temporary Architect

In the Netherlands (and all over Europe) we all have seen the signs on empty office buildings that tell us that it is for sale or for rent. At this moment almost 16 percent of the total office floor area is empty. This problem is mainly caused by a mismatch between supply and demand. While the problem is well-known, not much is done to create solution for it. In my graduation project I will make a solution for this problem. The solution that I will provide will be focussed on temporary transformation of the vacancy. Temporary solutions are realized quicker and also can be built down again quicker. This fast approach to the problem can help to create a direct boost for the neighborhood. So the focus in this graduation project is the temporary use of vacant offices. But the real question is about the role of the architect in these projects. And what instruments the architect can use when dealing with this projects. That is what will create the end result of my project. In the design I will focus on an office building in Rotterdam and see how I can use the instruments I found earlier in the process.

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