The ice rink of the future

Due to climate change, the ice skating sport is forced to be practiced indoors. These buildings, called ice rinks, have an image of great energy consumption and waste. By building these rinks we are contributing to climate change even more. Their typology includes  closed facades and they are build in the cheapest way possible, which gives them an industrial look, mostly implemented in industrial areas.  The location and appearance of these buildings aren’t generating high visitor numbers.

Due to their unattractiveness and high energy bills these rinks will be unprofitable from the moment they are build till the end of their lifetime.  This downwards spiral needs to be stopped.

During my graduation project I want to find ways to make an ice rink energy neutral, and incorperate these solutions into my design proposal of a new ice rink. Which shows the value of the ice skating sport and makes it more accessible to the common public.

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