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Hi! Welcome at our Explore Lab Community!

We are glad you joined us, with your own fascination and architectural skills. We as a community use the website to find other ExploreLabbers and exchange information about Explore Lab . As a (new) student you can search for others who have graduated on similar topics to yours and ask them for information. As alumni you can connect to other alumni and stay up-to-date about upcoming events and the new graduate projects. Here we explain how to add your project to the website!


Click on Register under the Log in menu item

Menu register

Repeat the Bot protection given username and password to proceed. This is not your own username, but a given username and password in the window!

Bot protection

Choose a username and submit your email address, choose wisely as your username will be public and your email will be used after your graduation

Register For This Site

After approval you can use the link in the received mail to log in

Adding your project and profile

You have now accessed the site and have arrived at your Dashboard!


Feel free to change your password by using the link at the top of the Dashboard page, or by clicking on the Profile segment.
You may disregard other information, as this will not be shown on the website.

Add Project and student

Make a new Projects and students entry by choosing Add New

Schermafbeelding 2015-02-09 om 15.44.47

This website uses a single entry in two ways:

  1. as your project description
  2. as your social profile

Enter your project and personal details:

Enter project and personal details

About adding your images

Add your student photo as an image file named Name Surname.jpg, for instance. Use 300 px or larger, but try to keep your image below the 2 MB for better loading.

Drop your photo here

Click on Use as field value to confirm

Use as field value to confirm

Upload your project to the Featured Image section. Add your project image as a image file (no PDF’s).  Before uploading name your file accordingly, Project Name Surname.jpg for instance.

Featured Image section

Check the Categories that apply to you and your project.  Then choose from the existing Tags the ones that are relevant for your project. If you miss tags, you can add them. (Do not to add to many to keep the tag section manageable.)

Categories and tags

Check all your added entries. Now click the Publish button.


Congratulations, your project is now online!

If you still have questions, feel free to mail us!

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