Palace prison Mietskaserne

Childhood memories of farms in my home village close to Aachen../germany coincide with more recent experiences of visiting former factory buildings during my student days in Aachen: large building complexes […]

Mirages of easy virtue

My project is situated on the naval base at the Oosterdok in the centre of Amsterdam. Besides the historical references of sailors and prostitutes, the fact that the Royal Navy […]

Het stenen hoofd

The first  in the Netherlands was build in 1913, long before the official legalization of cremation (1955). Today, the Netherlands hold 72 crematoria. Almost all crematoria build in the Netherlands […]

Dutch National History Museum

At the beginning of the previous decade, debates had been taking place on the need for -and relevance of- a new national history museum. The Netherlands have a number of […]

Making a fairbnb

My project consists of a strategy and a pilot design project on how to realise 
a fair B&B system within the Amsterdam city centre. A fairbnb is a socially and architecturally […]