Architecture and Oil

For every four barrels we use, we only discover one (Rob Hopkins, 2009). Oil becomes more scarce, but architecture and oil are still connected in many ways. From transport to […]

Ephemerality Architecture

In our fast developing modern society I, as an architecture student, experience an increasing human resistance against the inevitable processes of change, imperfection, impermanence, incompleteness and transience. It is difficult […]

Redeveloping agricultural heritage in central Italy

Central Italy is famous for its iconic hillside agricultural landscape. This view of hills with scattered farmhouses is unfortunately in trouble. Since the latest agricultural tradition of the ‘mezzadria’ was […]

How do fashion designers design?

A research on the design process in fashion, reflected on architecture. Architectural theory has illuminated the inherently connected relationship between fashion and architecture. Both disciplines shelter the body, react to […]

The Architecture of Death

Death plays a fundamental part in our life. The sadness and despair that accompanies it, have also the power to make us deeply think about the essence of our existence […]

The Art of Ageing

Decay and decline are always happening and we as humans normally trying to increase that. I think we try to hard which result in unnatural outcomes. For example the whole […]