Post-Labour Architecture

Living in an ever accelerating world, my fascination is how technology will impact our lives in more and more ways in the future. We are on the cusp of a […]

Redeveloping agricultural heritage in central Italy

Central Italy is famous for its iconic hillside agricultural landscape. This view of hills with scattered farmhouses is unfortunately in trouble. Since the latest agricultural tradition of the ‘mezzadria’ was […]

Castle of Good Hope

In 2009 I visited the “Castle of Good Hope”, a Dutch fortress in Capetown’s city centre, built around 1670. The coming year I want to research what value South Africa […]

The development of a retirement community

Enjoyable living @ Pagediepdal is a research into the implementation of an active retirement community in the Netherlands. Similar developments can be found around the world. To implement such a […]

Chitakale community centre

Once long ago I had a dream, to go to Africa as a dentist and help the people. But how can an architect help in Africa? I learned people don’t […]