Designing homes for people with autism

For people with autism, special schools and surroundings are developed to enhance their progress and skills. However, housing design for this focus group remains underdeveloped. For people with autism, finding […]

Redeveloping agricultural heritage in central Italy

Central Italy is famous for its iconic hillside agricultural landscape. This view of hills with scattered farmhouses is unfortunately in trouble. Since the latest agricultural tradition of the ‘mezzadria’ was […]

Designing homes for ‘the conscious’

‘’The good intentions and creativity of citizens and their willingness to make a difference is one of the most underutilized resources we have today’’, says Global Ecovillage Network Europe (GEN). Bottom-up initiatives like ecovillages […]

I Am My Home

Designing homes with meanings: Construction of a tool based on human values Houses were among the first structures that were built, and remain the most common type of building today. […]

Co-creation in Housing Design

In the last decades, attention has become increasingly focused on encouraging the involvement of residents in the creation and regeneration processes of neighbourhoods, streets and buildings. In this context, notions […]