Vernacular Architecture in Burkina Faso

West Afrika is quickly expanding its economy and population, leaving us with interesting architectural and urban challenges. Many of the sustainable problems we face in the West have been solved […]

Architecture beyond human narcissism

What can or should architecture offer in a ‘world’ beyond human solipsism? -Dealing with Anthropocentric crises in the framework of Hannah Arendt- “The world is that what we, as human […]

Redeveloping agricultural heritage in central Italy

Central Italy is famous for its iconic hillside agricultural landscape. This view of hills with scattered farmhouses is unfortunately in trouble. Since the latest agricultural tradition of the ‘mezzadria’ was […]

Designing homes for ‘the conscious’

‘’The good intentions and creativity of citizens and their willingness to make a difference is one of the most underutilized resources we have today’’, says Global Ecovillage Network Europe (GEN). Bottom-up initiatives like ecovillages […]

Castle of Good Hope

In 2009 I visited the “Castle of Good Hope”, a Dutch fortress in Capetown’s city centre, built around 1670. The coming year I want to research what value South Africa […]

Permanent Temporality

Office vacancy is an ordinary matter. Just after completion, at the turn of tenants or around a relocation vacancy is inescapable. A healthy vacancy should fluctuates around 4 to 8 […]

Making a fairbnb

My project consists of a strategy and a pilot design project on how to realise 
a fair B&B system within the Amsterdam city centre. A fairbnb is a socially and architecturally […]