Transitional Architectures #2


Chair of Methods and Analysis and Explore Lab invite you to participate on their second Transitional Architectures event and discuss about processes of collective learning and cross media practices.

This time we are proposing you to explore how to create ILLUSIONS OF THE SPACE through the workshop on studio modelling as a collective learning and inter-scale making process lead by Willemijn Wilms Floet who is architectural education innovator.

Opening note: Armina Pilav, postdoctoral researcher at Chair of Methods and Analysis.

Moderator: Mark Pimlott, artist, architectural designer, writer and teacher.

The ‘Illusions of the space’ event proposes participatory exploration of the new methodological approach known as ‘The magic of a box’ that Willemijn is building experimentally with her students, using different scales and modelling materials – starting from the existing Delft tradition of Plan Analysis. In the process of dismantling and re-creating existing and new design projects we will look with the workshop participants for new perspectives on this approach.

The idea of the workshop is that ‘illusion’ could be used as a medium for the analysis of existing projects and as a method for design development. The ‘suggestions’ brought up by an illusionistic analysis of a model in a context could sharpen, open up and even create new design ideas by means of: critical observation, employed modelling materials, collective creativity and the joy of making. We are interested in exploring concepts such as: diorama, eclipse, wunderkammer and trompe l’oeil.

We invite you to bring an empty shoebox including lid/top, sketch models and drawings of a design project you are interested to explore, drawing materials, scissors, cutter and other stuff you think could be usefully for a creation of an illusion.

The workshop will be introduced in the context of the Delft method of Plan Analysis since 1980s which is a mainstay of the education program at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.

Willemijn Wilms Floet is an assistant professor of Architecture. Degree in Architecture from TU Delft in 1988. Practicing architect 1988-2001. Teaching and researching at the TU Delft since 1990. She developed her expertise in the documentation and analysis of architectural projects, notably: A Hundred Years of Dutch Architecture (Dutch 1999, English 2002, Chinese 2008). Willemijn is the co-author of the Zakboek voor de Woonomgeving (2001) and editor of Het ontwerp van het kleine woonhuis (2005) and Architectuurgids Delft (2011).
Willemijn obtained a joint PhD degree Villard d’Honnecourt from Venice Faculty of Architecture (IUAV) in 2012 and TU Delft 2014. This architectural study on the Dutch almshouse typology reveals the secrets of green courtyards hidden within the perimeter block, by means of drawing which resulted in a book ‘Het Hofje Bouwsteen van de Hollandse stad, 1400-2000’ (2016). Currently she is involved in the development of methods of plan analysis, to study precedents in-form-ing design in BSc and MSc education.

Mark Pimlott (1958) is an artist, architectural designer, writer, and teacher whose practice incorporates photography, art for public places, and interiors. He is the author of ‘Without and Within: Essays on Territory and the Interior’ (2007); and ‘The Public Interior as Idea and Project’ (2016). Works include ‘World’, BBC Broadcasting House, London (2013) and ‘La scala’, Aberystwyth (2003). He is a graduate of McGill University, Montreal; the Architectural Association, London, and Goldsmiths’ College, University of London, and is writing a PhD. A teacher since 1986, he is currently Assistant Professor of Architectural Design, in the Chair of Interiors Buildings Cities at TU Delft.


Transitional Architectures is a series of events exploring the capacity of architecture to shift between, merge and even reconfigure different media practices. Sliding from interventions in urban and natural environments to algorithmic and studio modelling, performing, curating and writing, the series probes into the methodological threads of architectural thinking.

Through a series of hybrid events invited presenters and participants will engage in processes of exchange, experimentation and mutual learning. Our aim is to explore how cross media practices of different spatial contexts are able to first initiate and then leave behind an open space of re-action and co-creation.

The series of Transitional Architectures is organized by the chairs of ‘Methods and Analysis’ and ‘Explore Lab’ of the TU Delft, in collaboration with TU Delft students and professors, but also with artists, architects and researchers with diverse practical, educational and institutional backgrounds.

We would like to invite you to join us to our upcoming events and guests:
(More details soon)

#3 April 21, 2017:
Thinking, Working and Writing with Yona Friedman
Manuel Orazi, Adjunct Professor – School of Engineering and Architecture, University of Bologna

#4 June 15, 2017:
Sound, Space and Place
Nicolas Kisic Aguirre, Architect and writer, currently MIT undergraduate student
Alexis Ierides, Former student of TUD (graduated in January 2017 at Explore Lab studio with the thesis “The Touch of Sound”).

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